Honour Yourself

A Retreat can be wherever and whatever you make it...it can be as simple as locking yourself behind a closed-door for a long, luxurious bubble bath and/or nap (both is better, if you can swing it;-), or it can be as extravagant as an actual spa weekend or a planned vacation away.  Regardless, it's often thought of as …

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Pen Pals

Dear Little Rudy, Why are you so very Moody? Signed your pal, Judy. Dear Pal Judy, YOU are making me broody! Signed, your little Rudy. Dear Little Rudy, I just miss your smile, Cutie. Signed your pal, Judy. Dear Pal Judy, YOU are my forever beauty! Signed, your little Rudy.  

15 Miles Uphill in the Snow

"Extravagant exaggeration"?  In this day and age where EVERYTHING is overly dramatic?  Nah, never!  Not in a million years. But, just in case it could be true that we are living a life filled with Hyperboles nowadays more than ever, let's take a little look-see at what it all means. According to examples.yourdictionary.com, a hyperbole is the …

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