Duck, Duck, Goose

  Tell me that it can't be that time of year again?  What if I just flat-out refuse to believe it?  I'm guessing that choosing to turn a blind eye to it all won't change the results, but maybe it will help to talk about it.  Maybe... Different parts of the world have certainly been …

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Bugs IN the Flu Shot?!

With fall upon us, so is the flu season.  Oh joy!  Most of us have known the ugly symptoms of flu and colds before and I am sure that most can agree that it's not something that you likely wish on even your worst enemy.  Aside from trying to navigate the many aisles' worth of …

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Maple Leaves

There's nothing Pedestrian at all about this shot, in my opinion. While some may view this pile of leaves as just another fall clean-up chore, they are nothing of the sort.   In colour and kind, these maple-shaped wonders are representive of the great country that I call home.  Cheers, Canada!