When the Stars Align

A rabbit's foot, a Lucky coin, a four-leaf clover, a fuzzy pink troll doll, the full moon, one's horoscope, the lottery--our society has a plethora of things associated with good fortune, and I will admit that I have used and/or bought into almost all of them at some point in time.  Why not, right?!  The …

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House of Jiggles

Oh my!  I'm not sure what your reality is, but my husband and I seem to be surrounded by things that need a little 'Jiggle or wiggle' in order to work properly.  From a psychological standpoint, I guess I could explain it in that these things must, in some way, be a reflection of each of …

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My personal escape, My private getaway, Where I can collect my thoughts, And get back to the real me, It's anywhere and everywhere, I carry it about so freely, My very own Hideout, Made clearly just for me, Dig deep, breathe slow, Eyes shut, body still, Present mind, Corpse pose.

The Power Within (Or A Good Ol’ Fashioned Kick in the Pants)

Was there a Specific turning point in your life?  Or more likely, when was it or better yet, when were they?  Probably like many of you, I can think of a few things that have happened that have changed the course of life for me.  Not surprisingly, they were as a result of choices that I'd made …

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