Quotes, Life and Garth Brooks

So very true, except that I might add:   "What feels wrong (at the time), sometimes end up being right (in the end)." Looking back on my four and a half or so decades, there are many instances in my life where this quote has applied, but I didn't necessarily know it at the time.  Of …

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In Spite of Myself

How many times in life have you switched allegiances with respect to various things? I am talking about everything from product brands to food tastes to sports teams to hairstylists to political parties or religious affiliations and everything else in between. Maybe the better question is whether or not you have actually admitted to others …

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Maple Leaves

There's nothing Pedestrian at all about this shot, in my opinion. While some may view this pile of leaves as just another fall clean-up chore, they are nothing of the sort.   In colour and kind, these maple-shaped wonders are representive of the great country that I call home.  Cheers, Canada!

A Mid-Summer’s Night Dream?

Last night, my husband ventured out into our back pasture and came out with this beauty of a capture.  I love the rich shades of green in the foreground highlighting the feathery Textures of the grasses contrasted by the golden and deep blue clouds in the sky.  The day's on-again, off-again rain finally relenting in time for this …

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