Maple Leaves

There's nothing Pedestrian at all about this shot, in my opinion. While some may view this pile of leaves as just another fall clean-up chore, they are nothing of the sort.   In colour and kind, these maple-shaped wonders are representive of the great country that I call home.  Cheers, Canada!

Calling Hawaii Home?

On our last day here in Maui, we contemplate just what it is exactly about Hawaii that draws us in so closely each and every time that we come to visit.  I mean, obviously the islands have an allure that most people adore, and I, personally, have not ever heard anyone complain about their stay, …

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Pretty Please With Sugar on Top?!

Well, it's a good thing that we are not Avid barbecuers because once again our fate is one of a snow-covered nature. After just having gotten rid of most of our Merry Easter weekend dumping of snow (nearly a foot), we woke up this morning only to discover that we will be socked in again with this unforgiving weather …

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The Canadian Rocky Mountains

The Canadian Rockies range in age of up to 350 million years old--now that's Resilient!  Over time, they continue to stand strong and tall attracting millions of visitors each and every year.  Despite being climbed on, built upon, blasted, photographed, and constantly exposed to the elements (including many a forest fire), they still offer themselves up …

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Caramel-Coloured Waterfall

H2O My husband took this beautiful, creamy coloured waterfall picture a few years ago while visiting out here with a friend.  Initially, he thought the photo opportunity was lost because it had rained feverishly and the water was muddy.  Instead, it lent itself to an amazing composition highlighting not only the physical beauty of the cascading water, …

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