There’s Something About Getting Away From It All…

It’s day one of our much-anticipated trip away… or at least it was when I first began this draft. Well, technically it was day two, since the day before was a write-off in a way given that we’d arrived here mid-afternoon. To our surprise, the airport and flight went smoothly. We weren’t sure what to expect with the pandemic being a new part of travel. We are in between waves at the moment in Canada, but as expected with more and more things opened up for the summer, the number of positive cases are slowly beginning to rise. As usual, we listen, we watch and we wait to see what. is. going. to. happen. next.

Thankfully, almost two-thirds of our population is fully vaccinated now. Wave four with the new Delta variant seems to be hitting the unvaccinated population more so, no judgement or ill will intended in saying so—just a statement. Only time will tell how much longer this will all go on for. I figure we are about halfway through at best. Having had both shots, my husband and I are slowly venturing out into the world again and I must admit that it feels good. Don’t worry, given my earlier prediction of the coronavirus timeline, we are *fully* aware that we must tread water carefully, vaccinated or not. Not sure if my not knowing how to swim impacts this at all?! Kidding, of course, as I try to lighten the mood a bit on an otherwise dark subject.

Given that the past year and a half have been so rooted in protocol, fear and safety, it’s hard to think beyond those things. A lot harder than I even thought it would be. For me, anyway. Especially coming from a job over the past ten months wherein I had to protect twenty-seven little ones as well as myself, my family & friends and my colleagues; actually, anyone I came into contact with being that I felt highly exposed and did NOT want to put others at risk. Coming down from all of that this summer has been a bit challenging to say the least. In fact, I can honestly say that today is the first day where I’ve actually felt a sense of relaxation in both body and mind. Considering that I do yoga twice daily, eat well and exercise, it’s a bit sad that that is the reality of the situation. I can only imagine for healthcare workers how it will go down once they, too, have a chance to ‘rest’—whenever that may be?! Certainly mental health has taken a toll on our population separate from the wrath of COVID-19. There will be much to deal with going forward when all of this is said and done. Recovery is one thing, healing is another.

Having said that, I highly recommend doing something for yourself that allows you a safe escape from our pandemic reality for a bit. For us, that meant plucking ourselves out of our home, wherein we’ve been staycaying for far too long and taking ourselves on a domestic vacation. Try as I did at home and whilst camping to unwind, it just wasn’t happening the way it normally does even though I’ve been away from my rigid work routine for a whole month now. Outings with friends have certainly felt good and welcomed again, but nothing compares to having quality time for yourself to just be; especially in the aftermath of the year it’s been. No agenda, no to-do list, no guilt of not doing enough which is what I feel when at home, and no constant worries. For those reasons and more, I’m glad we afforded ourselves this little getaway. I hope to get back some of what has been taken from me, so to speak. Soon, too soon in reality, it’ll be another ten months of the same regimen that made up the chaos of the past year and half. I want to be ready to face it head on. As a result, I plan to soak up every little minute of every little day that we are away so that I can store and recall the serenity of these moments in the coming months. I will need them to remind me of the greater purpose in everything versus a focus on the minute details that can become all-too-consuming, if allowed. Not this coming year. Not this time. This time, I will be more prepared, more ready for what lies ahead. I am readying myself right now in the peace and quiet of this quality time with my husband. For that, I am truly grateful. Cheers to whatever it is that you can afford to do for yourself—just be sure to do something. After all, you are the best investment there is in life. You are worth it!


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