The Lost Art of Packing

Certainly NOT the size of my suitcase by any means.

I’m not sure who else out there is like me, but the acts of packing my suitcase and cleaning/organizing are two of the most dysfunctional things that I do. Inevitably, I begin with one thing, then another, then another and so on until I forget what it was that even brought me to the drawer, closet, or room that I find myself in in the first place. (Usually far away from where I set off). Often I have upward of eight to ten things on the go at once with none being ‘finished’. If it wasn’t much of a mess before, I can guarantee you that it certainly is in the ‘during’ stage with the hopes of getting to that which is either neat or carefully packed. I did the very same thing as a kid when I was told to “clean my room or else”. I wonder what the ‘… or else’ would have been had I have challenged it?! Back in the days of my childhood, just the fear of what might be was enough to keep me on the straight and narrow. It was then that I developed the habit of messy cleaning, as I like to call it.

Today, my task of packing began with rinsing and drying Saskatoon berries that my parents passed along, so that I could freeze them before our trip away. Next, I’d gotten my breakfast and coffee half ready to fuel myself for the busy day ahead. Then, it was off to the bedroom to get a hair clip, which had reminded me to bring some clips with us to avoid a cowlick craze of a vacay for me. After, dipping into my toiletry bin to add clips, I headed to the bathroom to refill some of the other travel containers in my bin. The laundry buzzed subsequently telling me that it needed drying. Given that our dryer is situated next to the freezer, I decided to grab some java beans to grind some fresh coffee to take with us. Once I was back in the kitchen to get the grinder and the creamer out of the fridge for my morning java, I figured I might as well throw out anything which had or would expire since my husband was making a trip to the local dump. And, on it went like that. Somewhere in there, I sat down to eat my soggy cereal and sip my lukewarm caffeine fix; I’d pulled out the big guns for the day given that I usually stick to decaf. Once I got back up to organize some miscellaneous kitchen-y type things that we wanted to bring with us, I realized that… I hadn’t yet packed ONE single thing! Sounds about right for me. Instead, what I had accomplished included six heaping piles of stuff scattered throughout the house that was to somehow make it into our suitcases, along with whatever clothing, shoes, and such still had to be chosen later on.

All totalled, I’d say that we needed three extra large suitcases to get where we are going. For ten days? Ridiculous, I know. One glance at my strategically placed piles and my husband instantly regretted saying that he’d have plenty of room in his case for a few extra’s. A few? More like a whole other bag’s worth! Hey, what can I say?! It’s been awhile since I’ve done any sort of trip packing and I seem to have lost my touch. Though truthfully, I can never seem to pare things down the way he can, especially clothing-wise. Too many choices at the end of the day, which is actually part of the reason that I leave my wardrobe to the last minute. No time to second guess. Just roll them up, get them in there along with everything else possible and hope that my husband can actually zip it up which is always the moment of truth. (Unsolicited tip I did remember: Rolling a few like things together into one ball saves tons of room and creates less wrinkles with the more delicate things on the outside taking up the larger circumference.).

As it turns out, we did manage to fit everything into two large suitcases and two carry-on’s coming in under the designated weight allowance to boot. Of course, you know what that means, right? Yes, room to shop for a few things, especially as we use up a few of our snacks and disposables. Funny enough, with all that we did bring which darn near includes the kitchen sink (head shake), I forgot my pyjamas and some type of slip-on shoes. Ah well… you can’t win ‘em all and those are easy issues to get around, unlike medications or sleep implements, etc. With our airliner having delayed our luggage a couple of years ago, we’ve learned to keep the essentials with us—everything else can be figured out one way or another. From that experience, you’d think I’d have learned to travel on the lighter side. Apparently, I’m not quite there yet. I guess I just need more trips as a means of practice. Darn! 😉

Now that we are at our destination and somewhat rested after our first COVID travel of sorts, all of the headache of packing was worth it. While there is a bit more to think about nowadays when vacationing, it is nice to be out and about again. Having said that, we are still very cognizant of the virus and our doings/whereabouts. Thankfully, for us, life goes on as we navigate a new’ish way of existing. In our thoughts are those who didn’t make it through, however—a reminder to live our best lives. This long-awaited trip, and its previous iterations thereof, is part of that reminder.


8 thoughts on “The Lost Art of Packing

    1. Well, Lou… in all honesty, we’ve learned to invest in experiences whilst travelling versus things. Less to haul home and better memories made! Tomorrow, I’ve signed us up for a golf game which we never play. Why not, right?!💕


  1. Boy if I know what you mean with disorderly organized. Whenever I take out my children’s clothes and move them on to the next one, my house is a complete mess. Then I start with my emotions getting the best of me since they bring out past experiences and magical moments nonetheless.

    Have a great time! Enjoy and God bless!

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