Seize the Moment

A gentle breeze is blowing,

Buzzing sounds fill the air,

It’s just me and my thoughts,

Sitting in my favourite chair.

The day is just beginning,

What adventures will it hold,

Dare to seize the moment,

It doesn’t have to be anything bold.

The water lightly ripples,

A few ducks float on by,

Not a care in the world,

Nor be there a reason why.

The sun’s rays hit my body,

Warming it all the way through,

I feel its radiant energy,

It’s the centre of all that I do.

I wish, I wait, I wonder,

In the serenity before my eyes,

Time appears to stand still,

But its memories do not lie.

A kayaker paddles left then right,

Their boat as red can be,

No agenda to their strides,

Just like the many birds,

Whom circle above and silently glide.

A jet boat creates some wakes,

Its passengers smiling wide,

The roar of the sizeable motor,

Can be heard from side to side.

Fishermen, big and little, start out for the day,

Their silvery vessel being just the right size,

Carefully set poles and lines bob dutifully through the air,

Scales and fins likely unaware of their coming demise.

This poem becomes a tale,

Of a couple of days well spent,

Its exactly what I needed,

I’m glad that we came and went.

This poem is dedicated to the unnamed young man who came and went from this Earth far too young.


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