A Potential Light in Times of Darkness

It’s not often these days that I get pleasantly surprised. This week pleasantly surprised me and much of it is huge thanks to my husband.

Our classes have switched to online learning. Part of me was happy at the announcement because the COVID-19 cases here have gone a bit wild and I felt that being in-person was getting too risky. Part of me was sad for the children who, once again, have had to give up their friends and social life (what little they’ve been able to have) for hanging around home. Again. I also felt anxious as to whether or not our home internet connection would support the online piece since nothing is more frustrating than hosting a meeting with a madly circling arrow announcing repeatedly that your ‘internet has lost its connection’ with others patiently waiting for you to appear on the other end of the screen. As you might have concluded by now, our connection actually worked great the ENTIRE time and I was able to do exactly what I needed to do. Hooray!!! That in and of itself was a victorious feeling.

Best of all, last weekend my husband concocted a wooden stand out of some unused gardening stakes, screws and such to act as a document camera for me. With the extra web cam that we had purchased earlier this year strapped into a bracket at the top, it has worked brilliantly! I am able to conduct my lessons just as I would in the classroom, and it has been great to be able to keep things somewhat normal for my students as well as myself. Moreover having that camera has meant hours and hours of preparation work saved! Turning pages into editable, digital copies is very, very time-consuming and like many other educators, I’ve had to learn how to do so on my own in addition to the usual planning and marking. Needless to say, going virtual at work has literally and figuratively been an overnight, life-changing experience. Learning how to change crafts on a dime has been challenging, frustrating and rewarding all at the same time. I’m sure a great many people around the globe feel the same way.

What has made me the happiest is that time saved in re-creating things has meant more of an opportunity for me to come up with a few fun things for my students to do since their idea of fun has NOTHING at all to do with sitting at home. We are ALL sick of our staycations! So, it’s nice to be able to provide some semblance of ‘something to look forward to’ since COVID-19 has had so many of us caught up in looking back at what was. If I can be somewhat of a light to others in this otherwise time of darkness, I can’t really think of anything else better to be honest. Being that light for someone is a good part of the reason that I became a teacher in the first place. In saying that, I think I found my purpose again, and it feels really, really good! 💕


6 thoughts on “A Potential Light in Times of Darkness

  1. One of the big things that’s come out of all this is how unprepared we were for the unexpected. But what has saved us is the incredible adaptiveness and ingenuity people have brought to bear on the problems.

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    1. Yes, agreed. It is still surreal to me that I am teaching my class from home. The kids have been so great overall about all of the many changes we’ve endured… we could all learn a thing or two from them, I think.


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