“Like Peas and Carrots”

We are all drawn to certain people more than others and every once in a while, you can sense when one of those individuals is outstanding in one way or another. Maybe it is their smarts, their looks, their infectious personality, their life story, their compassion, their confidence, their job success or even the sum of their total parts.

When I first saw a picture of my husband, there was just something about him (and his shoulders oddly) which immediately resonated with me and the rest is history in the making, as they say. Indeed, history is where his and my connection seems to be rooted. We definitely feel as though we’ve known each other before our now life together. After all, this tiny little universe in which we reside speaks not to what possibilities are out there. IF we are open to seeing them, that is. Remember, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Realizing that what I am about to say may sound a little bit out there, we both believe that our energies knew of each other before this life, this presence. Kindred spirits, if you will.

Both born as breech babies, a somewhat rare birth, we are convinced that our desire to ‘bare it all’ to the world right off the bat must have something to do with our immediate connection. Our moms tend to agree. We are definitely a different breed, a bit kooky in truth, and we are both Geminis to boot. Lord knows that our astrological likeness might help to explain a lot to those around us. We are very much “… like peas and carrots,” to quote Mr. Forrest Gump. We can stand alone as a hearty vegetable if need be, but when mixed together, we are a unbeatable combination of sweet, savoury and… sentimental. I know, I know. Typically, one doesn’t think of veggies in a sentimental way, but if anyone would, it would be us. In fact, we would likely even go so far as to nickname the loving food group duo and stick to that forevermore. Further to that, a fake conversation (which we are both famous for concocting) and/or some lame joke would surely accompany the plating of the vegetables, likely along the lines of personifying their attributes, i.e. “One is very ap’peas’ing, the other is good for the ‘carrot’id artery.”. Suffice it to say that when you fold-in-half laughing a good chunk of the time that you are together, you know you’ve met a worthwhile match. Especially if you not only ‘get’ one another’s humour, but you encourage it. 😉

My husband and my life story has its share of déjà vu type of moments as well as many once-in-a-lifetime, blessed-are-we type of realizations. Some instances are best left for us to have and to hold, but others are share-worthy. Perhaps, one of my favourite ‘so that’s when it all began’ moments happened a couple of years ago…

It all began very innocently one day, as I recounted to my husband my childhood passion for jibber jabbering away into my little red recorder. My mom had recently passed along the tape recorder and one of the red and white cassette tapes dated back to my six or seven year-old self. Being totally irresistible, we fumbled around for one of our old tape players, rewound the telling black ribbon partway and gave it a listen. No word of a lie, we managed to land on the EXACT sound byte in which I was listing off names of people that I loved, including him! Now, you must be thinking what we were… ‘Nah, I don’t think so’, but you would be wrong. Goosebumps instantly formed on both of our arms (no wonder skin is the body’s largest sensory organ) and our jaws simultaneously fell agape. Not entirely sure we heard my words correctly, we rewound the tape again only to hear his very name repeated after the word love in my little Sue voice. Sure enough, we’d heard right!

Awestruck by my own words, it then dawned on me that I must have been talking about the cute, neighbourhood boy named the same as my husband. While that realization was a little bit of a let-down for us both, the serendipity of it all was not lost on us. What were the chances that on our first go-round we would end up on that very clip, considering that there were two sides of the well-used cassette? Except that for us, my childhood profession of love for his namesake was yet another confirmation of our ‘peas and carrots’ destiny to be together. Again.


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