Fox Tails, Kona Coffee, Tulips and Sunshine

All you need is two lips to make you smile… or is it tulips?

I personally cannot think of a better way to begin a Saturday morning than to have spotted a cute, red fox travelling through our ravine as I set my Moccamaster to brew my favourite Hawaiian coffee. Watching him trot along with in the fresh snow with his abundant white-tipped tail brought an instant smile to my face, along with the gorgeous sunshine that this second last day of February brings our way.

While it is a chilly -17 degrees celsius outside with a windchill of -21, it is more than doable for walking, especially if I wait until a little later on. The way I see it, there is only one more thing needed to complete the day and that is for my store-bought tulips to come to life fully. While tulips are one of my most favourite flowers because of their symbolism for spring, they seem to think otherwise of me in that I can rarely coax them to open up. Maybe if my two lips continue to smile, theirs will too? Happy Saturday my friends! May your morning also be filled with stories of fox tails, coffee, flowers and sunshine. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fox Tails, Kona Coffee, Tulips and Sunshine

  1. I’m looking forward to spring too. But I’m also grateful that we have had a really beautiful winter. Unlike the last few, which were more like “ice festivals” of rain then plunging temperatures that turned streets into sheets of ice, we have had an abundance of snow and sunshine too!

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    1. Yes, ours has been overall quite mild & not a lot of snow. I’m just itching for something different after months of this already, But, the daylight is really stretching out now. That alone feels better!

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