Pandemic Rules Don’t Apply Here

Social distancing? No. Gatherings of ten or more? Yes. Gatherings of ten or more in a confined space? Yes. Gatherings of ten or more in a confined space that is poorly ventilated? Yes. Gatherings of ten or more in a confined, poorly ventilated space for up to six hours at a time? Yes, often between thirty to forty plus individuals. Masks required? For some. Sanitizer? Yes. In the middle of a pandemic? Yes. Has it been confirmed that the subjects are silent (asymptomatic) super spreaders of the virus? Yes. Is it their fault? No. Are these places well-known sources of transmissions? Yes. Do they have limited cleaning supplies/personnel available? Yes. Are people’s lives at risk? Yes, we all know that the virus can be deadly for some. Just ask the 2.3 million and some families affected by the loss of a loved one due to COVID-19.

In general society, many of the aforementioned answers would likely spring government, health and enforcement officials into immediate and flurried action given that we are trying to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. In return, citizens like you and I would and should be asking if it’s even possible that the above scenario exists given our present situation. Well, not only does it exist, try multiplying it by likely hundreds of thousands of cases worldwide. Knowing that, what we should be asking is: What is being done about it and how can we stop it? Instead, it is the sound of crickets out there. Nothing, nada. These scenarios just continue on as if everything about them is pretty much normal. Normal?! Really?!? The last time I fact-checked, i.e. this morning, there isn’t ANYTHING at all normal about any of this, but hey! I could be behind the times living out here in rural Canada.

For close to a year now, it has been common knowledge that in order to reduce virus numbers, COVID-19 protocols have dictated that one must: social distance, limit gatherings, wear masks, sanitize and avoid confined, indoor spaces; especially those with poor ventilation. Given those restrictions, one would think that it would be fair to conclude that cramming thirty to forty people into a tight space for hours on end, day after day, where transmissions are common is likely problematic for us all, no? Yet, you might be uber surprised and concerned to learn that that of which I speak is not really considered an issue—at least in North America that I know of, anyway. As a matter of fact, where I live specifically, it’s not only being allowed in most instances, it’s being widely encouraged by many including the political decision-makers who are behind it. Yes, the very same leadership that has mandated the numerous pandemic rules for the public at large. Say what? you must be asking yourself. I know! It’s enough to make you want to give your head a good shake, isn’t it? Or, is it?

Now, call me crazy, but I’m just wondering why it is that the imposed set of practices which apply to the rest of society are not being applied in my opening set of circumstances? Well, I’ll tell you why. It’s simply not convenient, that’s why. Convenience over safety has an occupational health and safety disaster written all over it in most other scenarios; alas, not in the situations of which I speak. Oh but wait, surely it must be because the folks in these large, widespread groups are immune to the rapidly spreading and mutating disease as opposed to the rest of the general public. Nope, not at all unfortunately. As I mentioned earlier, people’s lives are at stake, as is the case with everyone else on the planet today. So then, what gives? Indeed, good question—what gives?

Is it just me, or does something here resonate LOUDLY as being plain wrong and blatantly ignorant? If you are not so sure, I recommend visiting your neighbourhood school for more detailed information. Wait, you better not do that! No, no outside visitors allowed because…?!? Right, because we are in the middle of a pandemic where large groups of people are not allowed to congregate or intermingle in confined, poorly ventilated spaces. Oh, right. That’s what I thought.


7 thoughts on “Pandemic Rules Don’t Apply Here

    1. It’s just so frustrating! Our officials keep denying school transmissions & yet, colleagues & families are getting sick, as are the families of asymptomatic kids. The double standard is so hypocritical.

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  1. ouch so your school classes are still happening, not safe at all! It’s total hypocrisy of the rules! Parents should withhold their children and insist on distance education .. best to be safe than sorry 😦

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    1. Yes… we are still in session. If we could properly distance & have reduced sizes that would help the spread, but that would require proper government funding & they won’t do it. Crazy!!!!!

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  2. It is really incongruent that schools are open under the present circumstances, and children are mask-less for young grades and when outdoors. And how is it that there are very few reported outbreaks in schools? Is it from lack of testing or is there some mis-information going on? And at the same time, stricter restrictions for international air arrivals will have $2000 fees for just 3 days of quarantine (will that really make any difference?), yet land borders will not impose it because, and I quote, “it would be impractical” … ugh!

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    1. I think there are many factors in why we don’t necessarily get the right info re: transmissions: lack of testing, varying definitions of ‘outbreak’, no reporting of transmission to family members (at least in my area) and inconsistent reporting methods.

      Not a lot of things make sense these days and international travel is just another example.

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