The Look and Feel of the Season

Christmas is just over a month now and my feelings are mixed. Many of us are in lockdown or likely soon facing it. COVID-19 numbers are reaching new heights and death tolls sadly continue to add up. Hoarding has already begun again and the reality that healthcare systems cannot keep up weights heavily. Not exactly an idyllic situation to say the least. Yet for those of us who celebrate, at least the ensuing holiday season somehow gives us something to look forward to despite the fact that it’ll clearly look and feel different.

Once Remembrance Day was observed, all things Christmas began. Well, truthfully, stores had already been stocking their shelves, commercials gave inklings of gift giving ideas, decorations started showing up here and there, and the classic Hallmark movie line-up launched. November 12th simply yielded the way to full-on displays of music and lights whilst a calendar of outdoor, socially-distanced activities for families to consider was born. In that respect, it is comforting to see so many familiar sights and sounds as in years past, but there is definitely an underlying vibe of malaise…. and disease.

Rumblings of viable vaccines are close at hand, yet far away. A spark of hope has been ignited, but an air of caution and controversy follow it. Masks and get-togethers remain points of contention and whispers of communism and chip-planting seem to be common. Stories of those going above and beyond are shared in amongst tales of anger and woe of which there are too many to tell. Regardless, everyone wants to know: Where/when does it stop? Will there ever be a resolution? Will it be too late if one is found? For a million plus and growing, help did NOT come in time. For their sake, we march onward, however we can’t help but look back. Focusing on Christmas has the potential to be a good distraction, yet it’s also a reminder of what can and can’t be.

It can still be a time of giving and thankfulness, likely more so than ever. However, those notions are unfortunately dotted with the knowledge that family get-togethers are discouraged, sharing in food and drink is an absolute no-no and indoor celebrations will be confined to household members. It leaves one to wonder what exactly is left.

Some believe that Christmas is a time for miracles and what better a year than this! Perhaps, if we all collectively will it and do our part in the short-term, an end to the pandemic will be within our reach. I don’t know about you, but that would be gift enough for me.


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