So Well Said

A short while ago, a good friend of mine shared a really timely article worth reading given all of the things that are going on in the world right now.  The title of the write-up is self-explanatory and I just thought that I would share it as is, since it is so well-written; something I rarely do unless I consider it worthwhile.  It is not a lengthy read at all, but I do think it’s an important one.  See what you think…

“All of that said, almost nothing is personal. Even with our closest loved ones, our beloved partners, our children and our friends. We are all swimming in the projections and filters of each other’s life experiences and often we are just the stand-ins, the chess pieces of life to which our loved ones have their own built-in reactions.”

I am not offended if you disagree with parts or all of what was said.  Just as is insinuated in the text, your interpretation will be based on your experiences and it’s not my place, nor right to judge your personal thoughts/feelings–they are yours and you are entitled to them as much as I am entitled to my own.



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