When Something Is So Good…

One of our first path walks.

You know that feeling when something is so good that you just want to bottle it up and keep it or make it last forever. Well, I’m drawing a blank as to how to make that happen right now. At the heart of it, I know that I don’t have the ability to do that, but it’s not such a bad thing to want something to live on, is it? In memory, things and people can obviously continue on, but the experience of each always comes to an end at some point in time. I wish our present mountain trip could be everlasting for so many reasons. It’s been a pretty hectic year for us, add in COVID19 and a halt to our usual travels and there’s been little else to look forward to. Don’t get me wrong–we’re grateful for many things including our health and the health of those around us, but everyone needs a carrot of some sort. That’s what living life is all about–motivation, passions, goals. My husband and my proverbial carrot is our mutual love for travel and camping. For other people, it’s other things. The last few days in amongst the confines of the tall majestic peaks has been nothing short of savoury for us and I cannot deny that I would love for it not to have to come to an end. Or at least so quickly.

This past week, we’ve drunk up the smell of fresh pines, the breath-taking mountaintop views, the squawking of the ravens, the scampering of the squirrels, the cedar wood campfires and campfire cooking, path-walking (as best I can post-surgery), deer and sheep sightings, snacks aplenty as every good trip should have and a lot of time for relaxation, reading and a bit of writing for me. :-). Sounds delectable, doesn’t it?! Well, it has been. Every minute of our time away has been dreamy, even the bit of rain that we’ve had hasn’t detracted from our long-awaited break. We’ve treated ourselves to pizza, ice cream and hamburgers, fresh cinnamon bread from the local bakery, some locally grown fruit from the Farmer’s market (trying to support the small-time businesses) and even a new Lazy Bear camping chair which is the ultimate in comfort. Here, we’ve spared not much and we’re okay with that. It is our vacation after all, likely the only one we will get this year aside from some other camping weekends here or there.

Most of all, I have really treasured spending time in the outdoors with my husband by my side soaking up whatever sunshine has been offered up while talking, reminiscing, planning, dreaming, and enjoying not only each other’s company but the picturesque surroundings. Indeed, it’s a pretty good gig that we have going. No doubt about it. Today is our last full day here and we certainly intend on making the most of it as we have with the others. Overall, the weather has been pretty cooperative for us and the bright blue sky overhead looks like it’ll be another great day. According to the Parks Canada girls, we hit it just right in that there was a lot of rain leading up to our stay. Mother Nature clearly pulled through for us and we are grateful.

I will do my best today NOT to play the countdown game in hours left. Chances are that you know the very game that I speak of. The one where it’s hard not to focus on the end only because you want so badly for the moment at hand to last as long as possible. I also know from past experiences that the more I think about having to leave, having to pack up, what we all have to do when we get home, etc. the more I take away from the present which ultimately makes things less enjoyable–not at all what I am striving for.

My goal? Stay in the moment, be thankful for our coveted time away which many would wish for, and use all of my senses to take in the natural beauty which lies before us. The swaying sound of the towering pines, the feel of the slight breeze on my toes, the warmth of the sun poking in and out of the clouds, the cute little bird that just skittered on by to say hello, the smell of the fresh mountain scent, the taste of camp-fired hot dogs that we just finished roasting (I wrote this part yesterday after lunch), the many sightings of ants aplenty hauling on by, all of it. Okay, well maybe I won’t relish in the pesky mosquitoes, but even they haven’t been that bad considering how wet the conditions have been. Let’s just say that I definitely plan to take in every last bit that I can and while I can’t exactly bottle it up in the way that I’d like, I will file each precious moment away as best I can with picture proof of many of them.

Mountainside flowers found on our morning walk.
Mountain stay,
I’ve loved our time away,
Mountain stay,
So grateful for each gorgeous day,
Mountain stay,
It’s been fun to relax and play,
Mountain stay,
‘Thank you’ is all that I can say!

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