Quotes, Life and Garth Brooks

what feels right quote

So very true, except that I might add:   “What feels wrong (at the time), sometimes end up being right (in the end).”

Looking back on my four and a half or so decades, there are many instances in my life where this quote has applied, but I didn’t necessarily know it at the time.  Of course, if we knew ahead of time what was going to happen as a result of our actions, our journeys wouldn’t be authentic or as meaningful or maybe we wouldn’t even be here depending on what you believe.  Can you think of a specific time when you looked back on an event or happenstance and were/are grateful that your silent wishes hadn’t come true or that your intuition had guided you differently?  As you take a trip or two down memory lane, I’ll let you watch and listen to Garth Brook’s song, “The Dance”, which fits perfectly into this theme.

Keep a tissue or two handy for this one, as you listen to the lyrics and Garth’s incredible voice.






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