A Splash Here or a Crackle There

Fire magic powder (2)
One of our lake lot campfires using mystical fire–one of my childhood favourites.  

On our last camping trip out to our lake lot, we had one of our evening campfires.  My mom dug out a bag of Mystical Fire from somewhere in their trailer and once dark enough to enjoy, I had the privilege of putting the little packet in the fire just as I had done so many times before as a kid.  If you could have seen my reflection in the vibrantly coloured flames dancing before my eyes, you would have seen a huge smile that stretched from ear-to-ear!  Similar to watching ocean waves crash onto the shoreline, I could, and have watched, the flames from a campfire for hours on end. I don’t know why both leave me so mesmerized, but they do. Maybe it’s because I can get so easily lost in mindless thought as I marvel at both elements’ ability to simultaneously captivate attention. And, the longer I watch each, the more entranced I seem to get. Part of the allure of waves and flames must be that the sights and sounds keep bringing me back to the moment if I begin to drift too far away from their presence. There’s always a splash here or a crackle there which draw me right back in. It really is a silent wonder how they can still be so beautiful in their own right knowing how devastating each water and fire can be at times. Yet, it is interesting that one element is used to destroy the other.  Just some Saturday morning reflecting….

Happy 4th of July to my American compadres!  Perhaps to celebrate the holiday, you will be watching some sort of fireworks tonight yourself while also feeling mesmerized by their surprising patterns and bursts of colour.  Enjoy being present. 🙂



4 thoughts on “A Splash Here or a Crackle There

  1. The crackle of a fire is truly a wonderful sound. My husband’s greatest joy is when I agree to ‘go hiking and make a fire.’ Small pleasures. No fireworks here. Most have been cancelled due to Covid and the really bad weather we were supposed to have since yesterday. I am here to report that both yesterday and today have been sunny and hot…..

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  2. TheHiddenEdge

    I really enjoyed this post, I’m so with you with fire and water. The wind here, this afternoon is whipping all the leaves from the trees. Tis been a duvet day for me!!! 😇

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