Imagine a Place…



Imagine a place that is peaceful and picturesque,

Imagine a place that is vast with plenty of wide open spaces,

Imagine a place that stretches from one ocean to another ocean,

Imagine a place where the people are friendly and inviting,

Imagine a place with mountains, lakes, prairies, forests, tundra and rolling hills,

Imagine a place which experiences all four seasons in their glory,

Imagine a place that many wildlife and wildflowers call home,

Imagine a place where different cultures are valued and encouraged,

Imagine a place that people are proud to call their home,

Imagine a place that is only one hundred and fifty-three years new,

Imagine a place where people come to visit and choose to stay,

Imagine a place that I am able to call my Canada, our Canada.

Happy Birthday to Our Beautiful, Vast Home–Canada!

(Click on the link above to see some of Canada’s beautiful landscapes.)

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