Too ‘Purr’fect For Words

I FINALLY caught her in what I like to think is a masterpiece of happenstance poses. If you are a cat lover, these shots ought to really bring a smile to your face and if not, you have to admit that they are pretty cute just the same.

cat pose 1
Notice that she is lying right in front of the garden stone that I bought recently with her in mind.  How fitting!  


cat pose 2 yawning
Then, she proceeded to yawn and roll over just as I snapped photo two–‘purr’fection at its best!
cat pose 3 stretching
Nothing like a good ol’ contented cat stretch in this precious sequence of pictures. 
cat pose 4 rolled over
I think her back ‘bunny’ feet in this last one are the best!  

Special thanks to Myrn, our farmcat, for actually letting me strike gold with these poses which I just happened to catch on my way back from the garden.  So happy that I had my phone with me!  I hope that you enjoyed this ‘cat’ walk of kitty pictures as much as we do.  New screensavers for me for the next little while, that’s for sure.

Do you think that she approves of our new garden stone?  I’d say so. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Too ‘Purr’fect For Words

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