Jibberjabber Continues On For Now…

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A few days ago in my poem titled, Summer Days are Calling Me, I alluded to the fact that the jibberjabber daily word prompts might have to look a little different now that summer is here.  With such a short season to enjoy outside activities, I plan on spending a little less time inside blogging.  With some upcoming camping trips and our much anticipated mountain getaway around the corner, I also can’t be guaranteed of an internet connection which may well be the whole point of a getaway. We are so connected otherwise, that it doesn’t hurt to disconnect for awhile and re-connect with other things, namely Mother Nature.  That being said, I have been trying to think of how I could keep things going somehow while still trying to honour my own personal time and such.

When I first offered to continue on with some form of daily word prompts after the Discover Prompts on WordPress came and went for the month of April, my goal was simply to try to maintain our writing rhythm and sense of community for a little while longer.  Alas, here we are two months later, and it is nearly the end of June.  Half of 2020 has just up and disappeared. Too bad the coronavirus couldn’t disappear with it, but hey, we could always put that thought out there, couldn’t we?  As we look ahead to the coming weeks, I do think that it would be nice if our little jibberjabber community could continue on in some way, shape or form.  So, here’s what I’ve come up with for now…

Given that just last week WordPress seems to have updated some of their programming such that the formatting of my daily word posts transfer well from one day to the next without as much time or upkeep as before, I figure that I can try to do at least a week’s worth of words at once.  Since I am not sure where I will be when, I may try to schedule my daily posts ahead of time as I have been doing, or I might simply decide to post a week’s worth of words in one blogpost once weekly versus daily posts.  I know that the weekly version is not ideal, but it would still allow us to keep things going if I am unable to do it the other way. Just keep in mind that I may not be able to read through all of your posts (again, I may not have internet access wherever I am at) or have as much time to comment, if at all. However, I also know that others on our tag will certainly be able to read and comment as they have done before and that’s really the main thing.  I want you all to be able to stay in touch with each other and with me, as we are all able. Remember that the Discover Prompts tag is also still open to our posts, so feel free to use that or check out other bloggers daily/weekly challenges which have been far longer running than mine. Meanwhile, the jibberjabber tag will remain open for business for now for those of you who would like to continue on.  (Lou, you talked me into it. 😉 )

So come July 1st, Canada Day, keep your eyes out for whichever format I decide to use. I may even change back and forth between either daily word posts to once-weekly posts (with a week’s worth of words) depending on my time and whereabouts.  Regardless of which way it all goes down, you WILL have a daily word to write from for a little while longer at least–let’s just take the summer one week at a time, if you don’t mind.  When/if the time should come wherein I’m unable to continue on with the jibberjabber prompts, I will give you ample notice.

Meanwhile, I look forward to reading some more of your posts and seeing your take on the daily words.  I’ve come to learn so much about and from people from all corners of the world that it’d be a shame to shut things down.  Plus, I feel like I am just getting to know some of you who are new, and I really love that I can depend on my jibberjabber ‘regulars’ and drop-ins for insights, ideas and stories that I wouldn’t otherwise be privy to. So, thank you to all of you for journeying along with me and helping to make each day just a little bit brighter in the blogging world–okay, maybe a whole lot brighter!  Cheers to COVID-19 jibberjabber‘ing continued.  🙂


5 thoughts on “Jibberjabber Continues On For Now…

  1. Hi Sue, two things: I think the weekly idea is great – some ideas take longer to bake than others, and you could have a few baking at a time. Second to make it easier for you solicit words from those of us who contribute so you don’t have to sit there with a pin, dictionary and a blind fold. I think you are doing a great service for the community, and if we can make it easier for you we should. P.S. Around here we had four inches of rain last night. About the only moisture we had in June!

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    1. Thanks, Lou. I’m leaning toward the weekly format for sure. I actually have words lined up for all of July at least. As you’ve likely noticed, I’ve just gone with basic word choices to try to make it easy for everyone to contribute. It’s just the time it takes to create the posts (my formatting would never copy & paste, so I always had to re-do it) & having time to write my own post. 😊

      Maybe for August, if we continue, we can try my ‘tag you’re it’ idea that I had suggested to Ben Huberman with respect to future WP initiatives? Each of us can contribute a word or something like that.

      Soon, I’ll be making a slow return to work, so whenever that happens, things will have to change for sure, if not come to a close…. but until then, we’ll see what we can do. 😊


  2. This is great news! I haven’t been very good about keeping up lately and I could give you a dozen excuses but the bottom line is: I have been distracted by summer, the outdoors, etc. But if you can commit to keeping up the prompts while on a camping get-away, the least I can do is participate because they really are helpful. AND it’s fun to read what others are writing about the same word. Thank you!

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