Summer Days Are Calling Me

Hawaiian Scene
Image courtesy of social media

Summer days are calling me,

I cannot wait to answer them,

Lakes and mountains and the like,

Mother Nature’s not-so-hidden gems.

Morning sun and walks aplenty,

Flowers budding effervescently,

Green grasses and blue skies,

Vibrant colours which are so luminescent.

Warm temperatures, breezy plights,

Leading well into the nights.

Early to rise and late to bed,

‘Days off’ countdown begin in my head.

Time to be outside,

Time to take it all in,

Time to unwind and enjoy,

Means less time for jibberjabberin’.

It’s been a fun journey,

Each day a new word,

New friends, old friends,

A lot of ideas stirred.

I just wanted to say thanks,

For taking a chance,

On this girl named Sue,

Who really didn’t have a clue,

(About how all of this would work.)

I’ll still be around,

Hopefully you will be too,

Just not necessarily every day,

Like ’twas in the months of May & June.

Maybe a word or theme a week,

Not quite sure yet,

There’s still time to think,

And get it all set.

But, I’ll see you tomorrow,

And the day after that,

I’m gonna keep posting,

‘Till the end of the month falls flat.


10 thoughts on “Summer Days Are Calling Me

  1. I’ve enjoyed seeing your word choices every day, but summer goes by so fast, it seems. Have a great time. And if you feel the need of a unique word once in awhile, pop in to visit me at It’s not a prompt, just a fun thing I do.

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    1. Thanks, Christine! It’s been a really fun endeavour, but you are right in that our summer season is so short and we must take advantage.

      Writing daily sure helped me through a rather drab, COVID kind of spring, but it’s time to move onto some other outside adventures while the going is good, which isn’t long for us northerly folks! Longest day of the year, now going the other way after today. Yikes!

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    1. I wish! It’s been calling for months now, but COVID times won’t allow me to answer. It is on our radar for next spring when hopefully most of this is behind us and travel is safe again. Meanwhile, I’m grateful to get in some camping, gardening and mountain time–a close second to Hawaii.

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