A Sweeping Victory


Image courtesy of http://www.thehealingsearch.org

Want a sweeping victory in life?  Don’t sweep things under the rug. Take it from one who knows and has learned that lesson the hard way, many times over actually.  Life’s too short and it’s honestly just not worth it.  The sooner you deal with issues that come up, the sooner you can move on in one form or another.  Try as you might to wish things away, distract yourself, or forget about them altogether, there are no magic carpets that I know of which have the ability to whisk our problems away with them.

I went on for years and years, at times even successfully, trying to pretend that one of my childhood hurts didn’t exist or would disappear, yet everywhere I went, it went.  Funny how that works?!  Don’t live life in your own shadows; instead create your own light to step into.  You can do it, I know you can!  🙂


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