Let’s Play Ten Questions About Gardens…

green and red sliced vegetables in white ceramic bowl
Photo by Vo Thuy Tien on Pexels.com

1)  Which garden do you grow–flower, vegetable or both?

Vegetable, but we do have flower beds with potted plants for ease of looking after since we camp/vacation a lot during the summer.

2)  Favourite flower and/or veggie to plant & why?

Petunias are pretty hardy and easy to look after and I like planting peas since they are so enjoyable and yummy to eat.

3)  What is the one garden fresh fruit/veggie that you simply cannot wait to eat first?

This would be a tie between peas and cucumbers.  I love going out and picking a fresh cucumber with lunch, and many pea pods get eaten right off of the vine.

4)  Which fruit/vegetable is the easiest and/or trickiest to grow?

It depends on the kind of year it is (dry, wet), but usually we can count on potatoes to come through for us, and while we try to go grow melons which I love to eat, our growing season usually isn’t long enough.

5)  While most fruit/vegetable are best when harvested young, which ones are best after a light frost?

Any type of root vegetable like carrots, potatoes often become sweeter as do some apple tree varieties.

6)  Have you ever planted anything that was a surprise in how it turned out?

We did manage to grow both a pineapple and a watermelon, both of which were excellent tasting.  This year, we are trying honeydew and cantaloupe, but it’s been so wet that I doubt that they will get the sun/heat that they need.

7)  Aside from weeding, what is the one thing you dislike about keeping a garden?

Unless grown on a trellis, peas are an awful job to pick when the vines are left to flop over on the ground.

8)  What is something that you learned about gardening the hard way?

Be sure to thin out your carrots otherwise they will grow too close together to pull and don’t leave them in the ground until their roots are too big to pull out as they will simply break off.

9)  For someone new to planting, what is one piece of advice that you would give them?

Try to keep on top of weeding and watering it.

10)  What is your favourite and/or easiest recipe to make using one of your fresh garden ingredients?

Ice cream pail pickles are super easy to do for those who don’t like all of the work of canning and you can’t go wrong with fresh zucchini made into muffins or chocolate cake.

Your turn, if you wish.  I’d be really interested in hearing in my comments section about number ten especially. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Let’s Play Ten Questions About Gardens…

  1. Hi, Sue, what a fun game! Here are my answers:
    1) I grow both vegetables and flowers, but the latter are all self-seeders or perennials, for low maintenance.
    2) Favourtie plant to grow at home is basil, because it is expensive at the store and not as good as homegrown.
    3) I am always looking forward to my spring asparagus.
    4) Hardneck garlic is a very easy crop, and it has never failed to give two harvests: scapes and bulbs.
    5) In my garden, I love frost-kissed parsnips and horseradish.
    6) Watermelons were surprising to grow successfully in my 6B gardening zone; so flavourful and pretty!
    7) Watering is the worst for me, I dislike it even more than weeding.
    8) I learned the hard way to always choose crops appropriate for your gardening zone, and never buy seed impulsively (like that time I tried to grow purple corn, originally from Peru, in Canada).
    9) Advice for new gardeners: Same as 8, and start with a small plot and gradually add to it, to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
    10) quick and delicious recipe: Raw green salsa: process tomatillos, cilantro, any green hot pepper, onions and a pinch of salt in the blender. Eat immediately with tortilla chips or tacos!

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  2. Hi Sue, let’s see:
    1.) I grow vegetables, and flowers. Around the side porch I grow ornamentals, but in the back where it’s shady there is an extensive shade garden of native plants. In the front is a mess of flowering native plants and non-native. I stamp out lawns wherever I can!
    2.) a few years ago I purchased a strange Monkey flower that we tale in every winter, and which flowers inside all winter.
    3.) Cherries from the tree in the front of the house. We start picking tomorrow.
    4.) Kale is the easiest. but I’ve never had any luck with regular radishes. I do OK with Daikon radishes though.
    5.) Kale is sweeter after a frost. Apples if you get them immediately after a frost are very sweet.
    6.) Only my notable failures with the entire melon family.
    7.) succession planting after spring crops to get summer ones like squash in on time.
    8.) Keep after the horseradish. If not contained it will go everywhere, just like mint.
    9.) Use mulch to keep moisture in and weeds out.
    10.) sugar snap peas – eat ’em in the garden!

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    1. A monkey flower… hmmm, will have to look up images of it. I assume it’s as it sounds maybe?

      My husband loves the sugar snap peas, but they don’t grow as well as the other varieties here. Usually he only gets a handful of them.


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