The Inconvenient Truths

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I’m starting to get a little house stir crazy!  Undoubtedly, our endless rain and gloomy skies as of late are not helping the situation, but the travel bug has long since bitten me and I cannot answer its loud, commanding call.  To boot, many of our TV and news ads of late are trying to sell us all on the idea of ‘staycations’ in lieu of our usual planned getaways. A staycation?!  Really?  We’ve all been on a staycation for months now!!  Okay, so only three all totalled, but still.  I get it though.  The virus isn’t going anywhere and neither are we.  Instead, we are right here, at home still and again, minus the odd shopping trip or errand out and about.  It doesn’t mean that I have to like it, however, and I must admit that I don’t like feeling stuck.  I don’t like it all actually and it appears that a good many others feel exactly the same way as me.

While restrictions begin to lift here and in other places, it is evident that there are A LOT more people who are sick and tired of COVID-19 and its imposing set of rules, as they happily take in some of their once-loved activities.  Can you blame them?  Nope, not at all.  At the same time, we know that the number of cases of the coronavirus will inherently jump based on the results of other countries who have re-opened things long before us here in Canada.  So, my husband and I continue to be careful by limiting both our outings and our safe circle of family and friends.  The problem is that not everyone else is being as cautious.  Again, I get it… it’s so tempting to just… forget about it, pretend that it doesn’t exist, but we can’t, nor should we.  On Friday, as I did my grocery shopping, not as many people were sporting masks or gloves, social distancing wasn’t really adhered to, sanitizer stations weren’t as readily visited, and I witnessed coughs and sneezes aplenty out in the open–no mask, no attempt to cover them, nothing.  P-e-o-p-l-e.  That should be a common courtesy, virus or no virus.

Just yesterday, my husband told me a story about Las Vegas, one of our favourite travel destinations, wherein things have re-opened and people have been photographed sitting shoulder to shoulder at the Craps table, no masks, no distance, no anything.  He also relayed that ICU units in Alabama (and elsewhere I’m sure) are operating at near maximum capacity, fearful of being unable to keep up with patient demand.  And yet, scenes like the one in Nevada, are playing out daily.  Beaches are crowded, bars/restaurants are buzzing, parks are full and things are hopping again.  Umm... did I miss something here?  Did a cure come out, maybe a vaccine that I don’t know about?  Safe, effective, and efficient medicines, perhaps?  Hmmm... not that I know of, but I have readily admitted to not following media as regularly as I should, so I might well have missed an announcement that others have been privy to.

The other day on a friend’s social media feed, she posed a question about whether or not schools should re-open in September. Beneath her question was an article from the Montreal Gazette, wherein an infected child spread COVID-19 to his/her class of school-age children in Trois-Rivières, Quebec.  In a separate, but related article, the director of health in Quebec responded by saying that despite 41 positively tested cases, that we know of, including 19 students and 22 staff members,” It’s clear it (the re-open of schools) went well. This is a young population; the risk of disease is much lower than the inconvenience of leaving them at home.”  And, what about the adults in the building who are looking after the children and going home to their families at night?  Didn’t it say that 22 of them became infected too?  It’s okay, though, because in the very next sentence, the article assures us that, “No children have died because of COVID-19 in Quebec.”  Yet.  Sure enough, in addition to reading from our public health leaders that we don’t want to ‘inconvenience’ folks by keeping kids at home in the middle of a deadly virus outbreak… oh pardon me, can’t be that deadly since “no children have died…” there was a resounding yes, yes and yes on my friend’s feed to sending kids back to school.  Again, really?!?  Is it not only a pain in the you-know-what, but also a serious dilemma in that more and more parents are having to return to work with nowhere to send their young children?  ABSOLUTELY!  Agreed.  Do I have the magical answer?  I wish… but, is that reason enough to smoosh them altogether in one room, even with distancing, PPE and reduced class sizes, so that we can test the boundaries of the coronavirus until one or more children, or adults, die who might not otherwise have been exposed in the first place?  Then again, there are many individuals whose thinking is that we are all going to get sick from it sooner or later, so we might as well just get it over with in one fell swoop (herd immunity) and let the chips fall where they may…. right, Mr. Trump?!

I don’t know.  Are you ready to take the gamble like our friends in Vegas, like the premier in Quebec, or will the saying, “The house always win” finally hold true in its most literal interpretation?  I’m afraid that you won’t find me sitting at a Craps table or slot machine or anything of the sort for a good little while yet, even though the thought of it leaves me salivating.  Since salivating and COVID times don’t mix, I think all bets are off for me in that I best stay put for now and be grateful that I even have a home to stay put in.  Home sweet home!  My staycation.

P.S.  Maybe it’s time for me to look into Amazon’s assortment of palm trees and the like that I can order on in, and instead of whining and complaining, I can look into re-decorating a room or two with my favourite Hawaiian trimmings.  I wonder how long it would all take to ship–so far, my Kona coffee has been over two months with no sign of its arrival anytime soon.

Aloha and Mahalo for putting up with me on this otherwise fine, but rainy Sunday morning.



7 thoughts on “The Inconvenient Truths

  1. Bob ordered coffee ant it came in less than two weeks.
    I ordered three slim poetry books and they took two months to get here. All shipped the same day from IL, GA, and OR, supposedly by FEDEX, but they made a trip to Sweden and the Swedish post office kindly mailed them here. So you should check with the post office at Malmo, Sweden, in case your coffee’s there. 😉

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    1. Thanks, I’ll have to check that out. Lol. Our local PO said that some things from the States take upward of three months. Good thing it’s not medicine or anything urgent, although Hawaiian coffee ‘could’ be considered such—well for me, anyway.

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      1. What’s really odd about these pkgs is that they were shipped from the States, the original shipping label is still on and coming in the original pkg — but with a Swedish Postal Sticker. And the postal meter sticker says, “If undeliverable, return to P O Box xx, Malmo, Sweden.
        Good thing I was able to get them or they’d have gone back to Sweden!

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  2. Just to add to the mix, this morning’s Montreal Gazette has an article about 1,000 physicians having signed a petition asking that some of the “preposterous” rules for COVID-19 prevention for children at schools, daycares, etc. be relaxed. Their petition says recent studies show children are unlikely to suffer serious health effects from the virus and transmission for children to adults is rare. That last part is news to me.

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