Name This Picture

Spider web in the grass

This fantastic sunrise picture was taken by my husband just yesterday morning.  I’m not normally a fan of anything to do with spiders, as I recently expressed to fellow blogger, The Right Effort, who wrote a post about trying to photograph tarantulas-–eeks!, but even I have to admit that this is a pretty neat image.  To look at from afar, that is.

My husband was immediately captivated by the backlit grass highlighting the intricacies of the web.  He always has a good eye for this sort of thing and manages to catch the neatest of shots as a result.  In this case in particular, if it were me having seen the web, I’d have taken off in the other direction and there would have been no picture taking of the sort.  After all, a web means that a spider is lurking nearby, and I am MUCH better off if we never make an acquaintance.  Oh, the stories that I could tell…

Since I had trouble coming up with a title for this picture given that “Ahhh!” was the only thing that came to mind, I thought that I would see what the kind members of our blogging community could come up with instead.  So, if you have a possible title in mind, please feel free to share it in my comments section.  We’d love to hear what you think.  Of course, if you have any great spider stories… please keep those to yourself!  I would like to get a good night’s sleep later.  Happy Saturday! 🙂



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