The End.

begin with the end in mind

In Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, habit number two is, “Begin with the end in mind.” .  So, let’s try out his theory in the most literal sense…


(Casey from Casey’s Column, this post is dedicated to you.)  😉


8 thoughts on “The End.

  1. Okay, having been shown The End, we wonder what all might have been in The Middle. 😉

    I guess I’m fitting into this ideal: this morning I began vacuuming my living room with the end in mind: the whole house would get a once-over with the vac. The ultimate END is neatness.

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  2. As the traveling Willbury’s said:
    “Well it’s all right, riding around in the breeze
    Well it’s all right, if you live the life you please
    Well it’s all right, even if the sun don’t shine
    Well it’s all right, we’re going to the end of the line

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    1. So true, Steve. It’s the only way to meet goals & make further progress, isn’t it?!

      My ‘end’ this AM was to see what attention my post would grab… I best get onto my new end in mind now. :-).

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    1. I was inspired by some of your literal interpretations of a few of our prompts. I thought of you immediately & couldn’t resist posting what I did today.

      You’re welcome! 😊

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