Are You Up For a Challenge?

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So, some crazy blogger had the idea that we should create a story, letter or blogpost which can relate as many words as possible from the Daily prompts.  Her name is Sue and while she might be old and short, she likes to break free from the mould to explore what she is able to do, be it in a hurry or not.  She is happy to make time for food and flowers and on occasion, you will catch in her in a dance in the light of her shadow.

Since her surgery, a real challenge for Sue is carefully easing her way up a hill, so sometimes she requires support for a smooth mount and a little bit of luck doesn’t hurt either.  Once she makes it over the obstacle, however, you will see her book past the finish line just so that she can celebrate her accomplishment in silence.

Do you think it’s a sign of her character that she has managed to fit all thirty words for the month of May into two short paragraphs and this sentence?  😉

Now, it’s your turn to give today’s added word prompt challenge a try.  See how many of our May words that you can fit into one blogpost.  It’s not as hard as you might think once you get started…


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