A Normal Kind of Day :-)

yellow sunflower field
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Yesterday was one of the most ‘normal’ kinds of days that I’ve had in awhile and I was grateful for it, not to mention that the weather was spectacular– one of our nicest days so far this spring.  I managed to fit in a mix of things at home, both inside and outside, and I also did some things out and about, including surprising my husband at work by dropping off his forgotten lunch–there’s nothing worse than going through the trouble of making something for yourself the night before, only to end up leaving it at home.  The highlight of the whole day was seeing the genuine smile on his face and hearing the, “Awww…super sweet,” as the receptionist called him to let him know that I was waiting for him at the front desk.   Little things have always counted for a lot, but I think in times like these we are all just that much more appreciative.

It felt good to not only have surprised my husband, but also to have spent a day similar to the way I used to in pre-COVID times.  Part of what made it so great was that everyone that I encountered seemed a little happier and a little lighter– a welcome energy instead of the usual angst and irritation that has been floating around lately.  Around our parts, a few restrictions have been lifted and while I think most people remain cautious, myself included, there is at least some semblance of normalcy in resuming day-to-day kinds of things and folks are clearly grateful for the new allowances.  Granted, how everything looks in the outside world is quite different in that many of us are donning masks and gloves which still seems weird to me, and of course, social distancing has become the new norm as is having to wipe things down, including our hands.  At least some things are operational now and the most important thing is that, thus far, our coronavirus numbers are staying relatively low even with the re-opening of some goods and services.  The key to the success of future phasing in plans will be that we ALL continue to conduct ourselves responsibly since it is evident that the pandemic is far from being ‘over’.

The other thing that was good about yesterday and this week in general for me, is that I was finally able to book some appointments that I had to drop mid-March, and so I was able to see my surgeon, my physiotherapist and my chiropractor and… I got a haircut!!!  Big deal these days, right?!  It was soo nice to see part of the team of people who have slowly helped to piece me back together again since my surgery last summer.  I missed them and their expertise, and they all seemed genuinely happy to see me and the progress that I have made.  It was nice to hear from others that my hard work has been paying off, as it has now been eight full months of physiotherapy to which I have been very dedicated.  Although, I will admit that I gave myself permission to skip part of my morning physio routine yesterday after a somewhat crummy sleep and a brutal headache, and it was kind of nice as I went about the start of my day without having a plethora of exercises hanging over my head.  Granted, those are the very exercises which have helped me to gain back my mobility, so I obviously plan not to make a habit of it– it’s just that it was pleasant for once to go about my usual morning stuff when and how I used to pre-surgery.

Do you notice a common theme here?  Even as I write out my thoughts, I see that words and phrases such as ‘normal’, ‘usual’, and ‘the way I used to’ kind of sum it all up.  I’m just happy to be doing again, really.  While surgery opened up my eyes to some things that I had once taken for granted such as walking and stair climbing, COVID-19 seems to have brought about some sort of re-awakening of the soul wherein those things that I sometimes even complained about having to do are now things that I get excited about and are almost considered a treat to be able to do.  Some folks argue that that kind of awakening, if you can liken it to one, is exactly the kind that we are supposed to glean from the present circumstances that we find ourselves in across the planet.  Maybe it is.  What do you think?



4 thoughts on “A Normal Kind of Day :-)

  1. I agree. I think this is a wake-up call for people everywhere, and on several fronts. For some it will bring the glad realization that they can manage working at home, and they’ve learned to get along better with their loved ones. It will have broken some of that peer pressure that drove people. Hopefully will give some kids a break from bullying at school. For others, they may have to admit that their relationship isn’t working anymore. As long as they each did their own thing, they could stay out of each others’ hair.
    I suspect there’ll be some serious restrictions put on all this international travel, lest another and maybe worse virus be spread. And politically, maybe folks are seeing that globalism isn’t solving all the problems it was supposed to. I hope our PM twigs on to that one.

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