A JibberJabber Thank You


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Almost one month ago, the April Discover Word Prompts on WordPress came to an end (once again), and I felt saddened by the thought of no longer having daily writing ideas to look forward to.  I knew that many of you felt the same way, so I knew I had to do something. When I offered to continue providing a word for us all to have and use, I really had NO clue what I was doing with respect to tagging posts, or if I’d even be able to single-handedly keep up with my end of the bargain, yet here we are some twenty-eight days later. WE have made it through another COVID-19 month together (no small feat) and I have you all to thank. Not only have we managed to keep contributing in one way or another, be it as reader, writer, follower or photographer, daily or not, we have managed to preserve our little community of sorts–which was the most important thing to me.

Today, I simply wanted to extend my thanks to everyone who has taken a chance on little old me and in helping to create a sub-community of folks on jibberjabber–a tagline that I wasn’t even sure would work!  But it did and it has (worked).  Thank you all for the inspiration that you have provided to me over the past while. It is because of you that I have been able to keep the prompts going and in the process, I have a learned a lot! Mostly, I have learned what a great group of people we have here on WordPress.

Little did I know that so many people would see, and are still seeing, my April 30th post thanks to Ben Huberman’s shout-out on the Discover Prompts tagline that many of us had been following, along with the daily words. Honestly, I wasn’t looking to create followers out of it all (although I am grateful for each and every person)–I was simply wanting to keep our momentum going as fellow bloggers and I felt that I had the time and energy to come up with prompts.  While I am still not entirely sure how much longer that I will be able to keep up with it all given that it is now almost summer and camping/gardening season-yay! :-), I will continue on for now as best I can.  I personally have had a lot of fun posting word ideas and best of all, reading everyone’s contributions so I would definitely miss it if I were to stop scheduling the Daily Word Prompts.  However, I know that we all still have the Discover Prompts tag in which to share our posts under, so as long as we have a common venue to stay in touch with each other, that’s the main thing.

In the next day or two, I plan on adding a little challenge into the mix for those who are looking to test their creativity, so if you think that you might be interested, stay tuned!  Meanwhile, have a super duper Thursday.  Thanks again for all of your support.  Remember to check out the jibberjabber tagline for upcoming prompts or posts from fellow WordPress’ers.  Cheers!



16 thoughts on “A JibberJabber Thank You

  1. I’ve enjoyed getting your prompts and participating when I can. And I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed doing this for the past month; I know it takes time and effort on your part. Looking forward to seeing what the next prompts will be like.

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