One Cool Kitty

Myrn in shade
Our farm kitty, Myrn, enjoying some shade on a hot summer day.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, our cat has managed to find a pretty comfortable spot beneath our hedge.  Now if that isn’t the life, I don’t know what is.  Happy Meownday!

8 thoughts on “One Cool Kitty

    1. She sure is and she knows it too! Thanks, Elaine. 🙂 I thought of you and Mia when I posted this, as well as Loisajay, another one of my longtime followers. who is also an avid cat lover.

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    1. Yes, I remember commenting on your White Paws and thinking that the two looked a lot alike. 🙂

      Since we live out in the country, often the only way my husband and I can spot her out in the pasture is by picking out her white bib and paws. Thank God for them, otherwise, she would honestly blend right in. The good news is that she does blend in when she needs to to stay away from potential predators. We do have a ravine behind our house and we have seen moose, coyotes, foxes and the like on our property. Eeks!

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      1. She is strictly outdoors as I am highly allergic, but I assure you that she has a well-protected spot in our nearby shop which has a space under the doors just big enough for her and potentially smaller animals (mostly other cats that we know of), but she knows her way to the rafters, if necessary. Plus she has other hide-outs around the property that she wiggles her little body into–underneath our front step and our back upper deck being two of her favourites.

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