Nightclub Dances

woman wearing a shiny dress
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He shoots her a smile, she shyly turns the other way,

Watching from afar, he also spots her brown, curly locks,

She and her friend order up another set of drinks,

The night is still young after all,

Then their favourite Ed Sheeran song begins playing,

It will be another night spent on the dance floor.


While talking to his friend, he can’t help but glance over his shoulder,

She sure is beautiful, he thought, as he moved away from the back wall,

How could he make his way over there without looking awkward?

He would wait patiently until the girls sat back down again,

The song ended and another began, the dancing and laughing continued,

How much longer would it be until he made his move?


Finding their table, she grabbed for her martini and let out a happy sigh,

The two friends would take a much needed break chatting,

Then, they would head back onto the colourful floor to let loose,

She caught a glimpse of his smile again, as his friend watched him walk toward her,

“Would you like another?” a strong voice called out from behind her chair,

Thus, a different kind of dance ensues as they both vie for her attention.


(This blogpost was inspired by EllaCraigWrites who is famous for her short story twists.)




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