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My summer nemeses,

Out to get me,

Sucking my blood dry,

Quick to buzz in my ears,

Unrelenting and tenacious,

Irritating as can be,

Tons of them after the rain,

On my neck, knees, fingers and toes,

Endlessly itchy welts that drive me crazy,

Scratching them to no avail.


6 thoughts on “Mosquitoes

    1. I have two huge welts right now, one on each knee. Those little buggers. I was attacked as soon as we got home from our lake lot the other day. I have to be honest, I wouldn’t miss mosquitoes if they just up and disappeared into thin air.

      I will try the aloe, thanks!

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    1. And it is pouring rain today and tomorrow… it’s about to get a whole lot worse. Where we live, they don’t have spray programs because of all of the nearby farmers’ crops, which is a good thing, but not good for being susceptible to their bites. They really seem to like me!


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