A Reminder of Hawaii

Pink Plumerias

Plumerias bloom,

Soft, velvety pink petals,

Brightly on display.


12 thoughts on “A Reminder of Hawaii

  1. Hi Sue, It’s always nice to sort of sigh and relax while viewing some of those exotic plants from places like Hawaii.
    Most of us in the Continental North American climates can only dream of growing those, even in a greenhouse.

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    1. Hi Lou, according to the link I included in my post, we can grow them in colder climates, as long as we keep them indoors off season or below 40-50 Fahrenheit. Apparently, some companies will send out a cutting for you to try growing some. I never knew that before doing some research today. Might have to try that next year as the mail is slow given COVID & shipping priorities—I’ve waited over 6 weeks for some Hawaiian coffee that I ordered & it’s still not here.


      1. Or win the lotto, if you play. No problem, right?!

        My husband & I stay in a condo & eat in a lot when in Hawaii, so that helps save on money spent while there. Otherwise off season is obviously cheaper & you can get some good deals on places, especially away from oceanfront.

        Rather than buying gifts for each other on most special occasions, we save our money for travel, which also helps along with air miles.

        Hope you can get there some day… & we hope to go back as soon as we can.

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      2. lol not on my bucket list … Done my travelling prefer to stay closer to home … and frankly I’d be much wealthier today if Mum hadn’t wasted so much on lotteries 😉

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