A Full Circle Moment

toddler riding bicycle on road
Photo by Vladislav Vasnetsov on Pexels.com

In some ways, I feel like a kid again as the Victoria Day long weekend approaches here in Canada.  Flashbacks of little Sue are coming in view and I can feel her excitement as she gets ready to embark on one of her many adventures.  After a gruelling ankle surgery last August, another very looong winter spent recovering, and COVID-19 blues, my husband and I are going to meet up with my family at our lake lot to finally do some social distance visiting.  Don’t worry, we all own have our own self-contained trailer units and there is more than adequate space for the eight of us on our nearly one-acre lot.  For some reason these days, I always feel the need to clarify our safety measures to any and all, as we strive to be as coronavirus conscious as is possible.  Health first, right?!

Last year, we didn’t get out camping at all and I missed it dearly.  There is just something about ‘taking off’ and setting up home somewhere else for a little while.  It’s re-energizing in many ways, though I will admit that it has taken us nearly a week to get ourselves and our trailer ready and we still have things to do before we leave.  Thus far, the weather looks promising, but we could always use some good vibes from my fellow WordPress’ers.  I think that we ALL deserve a couple of days of warmer temperatures and sunshine, some much needed soul food if you will, long weekend or not regardless of where we are in the world.  Most of all, I cannot wait to see my family and actually spend some quality time with them.  It’s a bit of tear jerker to think about if you want the truth.  I’ve always been one who has prided herself in not taking the little things for granted, but my whole notion of what to be grateful for has been expanded upon something fierce over the past two months. No word of a lie.

While our little camping trip this weekend is far from what some might categorize as a true adventure, it feels like it will be a bit of discovery just the same.  Perhaps, it is really more of a re-discovery of each other in a renewed light, a coming together and appreciation, a reunion of sorts and I thank God that we are all here for the opportunity.

As a child, my adventures weren’t grandiose in nature either.  I found joy in the simplest of things.  My explorations consisted of:  floating toothpicks down the gutter, climbing the hill next door on what was an empty lot, playing with earthworms, taking off on my bike, stomping around in puddles, carving my name into the dirt with twigs and so on.  I did have two older brothers which may explain my propensity for all things ‘boy-like’ back then, though we know better of gender typing now.  The point is that it didn’t take much to please me then and it certainly won’t take much to please me now either.  In that regard, I guess part of what is so special for me about this coming weekend is that it feels like one of those full circle moments; one wherein the once-little Sue, now a grown woman, is again looking forward to etching her name in the dirt.  However, this time, it will be all the more sweet as I do so with my family by my side (well, by my socially distanced side.).

Simple asks, simple times, simple adventures revisited this weekend.  May you, too, find your own ways to explore and find joy in the smallest of things, hopefully with loved ones nearby be it physically or in thought as that counts too.  Cheers, my friends!  🙂


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