Daily Word Prompt, May 8: FOOD

vegetables and tomatoes on cutting board
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

WELCOME TO THE DAILY WORD PROMPT! (An attempt to continue with the WP daily prompts for the time being.).

Since my time zone may not match up with yours for this endeavour, I decided to post my word a day in advance (well according to my zone anyway) to give us all time to think, write, and publish.
The May 8th word is: Food— to be tagged with the words, jibberjabber.  We all know how Instagram feeds are flooded with pictures of people’s various cuisine creations, so I know that Photographers will have something to contribute on this prompt as well.
Please feel free to use the above word as a jumping off point for you in your own blogpost; you write your own post, tag it with the words, jibberjabber, as well as whatever other tags you wish, you publish it on your site, and if interested, participants can search out the tag. With all due respect, I am not looking to promote other bloggers’ work on my personal site since I may not have time to review all of the posts, hence the tagging system.
If you intend on tagging your blogpost with, jibberjabber, please keep any content on the ‘up and up’–nothing inappropriate since I am extending this opportunity as a gesture of good faith as a fellow WP writer. Given that this is a social media site, I feel obligated to add in that caveat along with the disclaimer that each blogger in the WordPress community controls their own content and that their individual posts/views are in no way reflective of those on my personal blogsite.
Now that all of the semantics are out of the way, let’s get to some writing and/or photos about food and see where this all goes. Cheers! :-).
P.S. You may also wish to simply continue to tag your posts with the words, Discover Prompts since our work is still showing up there and it has already generated a wider audience. Just an afterthought…


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