Rainy Day Monday

Last night, the sweet smell of spring fresh rain filled the air as we had what I would consider our first real spring rainfall.  Almost nothing beats the smell of the rain.  I say almost because as I contemplate my line-up of what to do for my cozy, little indoor day, my mind wanders to what it is that I could bake today, one of my favourite past time activities.  Of course, that thought elicits all of the tantalizing aromas of pretty much anything that is freshly baked from the oven, be it cookies, breads or even savoury dishes.  Mmm…

Pumpkin raisin cookies that I made last month… all lined up and ready for eating. :-).  It wasn’t long before the lines were shortened, if you know what I mean.  Yum!  So soft and billowy.

Already this morning I can see how much the grass is greening up with its newfound moisture.  Our trees in the ravine behind our house will likely look a whole lot more full by the week’s end after the sun and warm temperatures return through the week.  I love  standing at our kitchen window when everything is filled in and I can watch the trees sway, the birds flitter away and the berries develop.  I must say that after another long winter here, the various shades of green which are now ripening along with all of the new signs of growth are a most welcome sight.  I’d love to take my morning walk up our long drive so that I can really take in all of the lively smells and sights, but our otherwise dry, packed gravel road has once again become pools of water and mud.  Tomorrow it will have to be!

Yesterday, as I tentatively walked around the property for the first time in nearly a year and a half, I made my way over to our apple tree which is beginning to bud.  I cannot wait to bite into its sweet, homegrown fruit, but that would mean that it would have to be autumn in order to do so, thus I’ll happily wait until then and take in all of what spring/summer has to offer first.

tree budding
Our apple tree with new buds sprouting. I like the angled lines of all of the branches as they reach up to meet the sun’s nourishing, warm rays.

Cheers to another week ahead wherein new opportunities lie in wait.  May you and your loved ones enjoy some outdoor time and stay healthy!


6 thoughts on “Rainy Day Monday

    1. Good heavens, Loisajay! I still have a long ways to go–slopes are not good for me as I have to side-step them, but one day… one day, my friend. I am getting stronger and you have no idea how good it feels to wander around my own yard again. I feel like a new Sue. :-). Happy Monday.

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