Hidden and Seen

sun (2)
One of our views from west Maui at sunset.

Some days, it is hidden,

Like a treasured memory tucked away,

You cannot see or feel it necessarily,

But its energy is still flowing.

Other days, it is completely transparent,

For everyone to see and admire,

Its brightness shines through,

Vividly breathing life into others in its presence.

Some days, it peeks out here and there,

Like a continual game of ebb and flow,

Moments of happiness, some that are meh,

Riding out any storms that come its way.

We can all relate to the sun,

Some days, we wish to remain quiet and unseen,

Other days, our energy is openly on display,

Some days, we are us just doing our thing,

This thing called, Life.




7 thoughts on “Hidden and Seen

    1. Wow, thanks. Got the inspiration on my walk this morning as the sun peeked in and out of the clouds as the new day broke. I thought, Gee, that’s a lot like each of us, isn’t it? Some days, we want to shine for all to see, other days, we just want to remain out of sight. Regardless, our breath, the life within us, is ever present. Appreciate your kind words.


      1. You’re inspired coz you had a eye to look at thar sun. Many people weren’t ready to peek the world once. It’s really nice thing to have a connect with our nature. It makes us a lovable human and you’re such a lovable human to admire the nature and to write about it. Keep doing it.

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      2. We are all connected to each other and to nature… I do feel blessed that I am aware. Obviously, you are too. Thanks for your comments this morning. Have an inspirational day!


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