Turkey in the Oven, But…

Well folks, it is almost Easter Sunday here. My husband and I are cooking our turkey today so that we can relax and enjoy the fruits of our labour tomorrow before he has to return to work on Monday. There’s nothing worse than cooking a big meal and being left with all of the clean-up the night before you have to head into the office.

We both love turkey. It is lean eating with all kinds of leftover options and when cooked just right, it can be some of the most tender and tasty meat. I can’t smell it cooking quite yet, as we just put it the oven for 12:30PM, but soon the tantalizing aroma will infiltrate the house. With it comes many warm and familiar memories of dinners past. I cannot wait to take my first juicy bite, along with all of the other fixings that we plan to have: stuffing (done outside the bird for us), mashed potatoes, garden carrots, peas and… one other special dish that I mentioned in my blogpost, Specially Requested the other day. Wanna bite on what that signature Ukrainian dish is? Yup–homemade perogies that I just finished pinching together this very morning. It all sounds delightful, doesn’t it?! Normally yes, but like most other people this holiday long weekend, we cannot get together with our loved ones to celebrate. Now, that really bites! Plain and simple. Instead, we are all cooking up our separate meals and eating apart. Not exactly our idea of celebrating, but obviously necessary in these unprecedented times.

When I look back at pictures from last Easter, I reflect fondly on the pictures that I had taken of our pre-dinner table setting (pictured above) as well as the meal itself being enjoyed by those in attendance, but this year there’s no point in doing so. Sure, we could set the table all fancy-like and eat there as we normally would, but tonight will be buffet style. Again, it just doesn’t seem right without the company of family.

While we already know that time is precious and holidays together are even more meaningful as the years come and go, it hits home just the same. Always hug (don’t bite!) the ones you love and be sure to savour every moment you have with them. Meanwhile, we will find other ways to connect with our families. Deep down, we are all just grateful that we have each other in the first place and that we have food to put on the table and enjoy. Happy Easter!


8 thoughts on “Turkey in the Oven, But…

  1. I am Polish on my mother’s side of the family, so pierogi and cruschiki (sp?)cookies were staples for Easter. We always had ham, though, for the main dish. I buy frozen pierogi now and my husband (born and raised here in sunny Florida) loves them! Enjoy dinner, Sue!

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    1. Never heard of those cookies before. Do you make them? We often had ham at Easter too. Perogies are yummy, as was our whole dinner. What kind is your fave? Happy Easter!!! 🐰🌷

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      1. Each cookie is a small rectangular piece of dough. You make a slit in the middle and pull one edge through. Fry them in oil and them roll them in powdered sugar. I Googled them and they are also called Kruschiki or Angel’s Wings. I don’t make them but I so remember them as a holiday treat.

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  2. Passover, Easter, the new year for many countries in SE Asia, where I live, are all getting a heavy dose of social distancing. It’s sad, but I like how folks are digging through their archives and remembering the good times. Happy Easter!

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