Sunset Wedding

Just a little over seven years ago, my husband and I got married in a sunset ceremony on Portlock Beach in Oahu. With close family by our side, we exchanged our vows on the beach and celebrated with a nice dinner afterward. Simple, but memorable which is exactly what we wanted. Our love for Hawaii was borne in that moment in time and it has now become one of our favourite vacation destinations.

Every year, I look through the photos taken that day and think back to our special day with our loved ones. It’s not often that I like pictures of myself, but I happen to really like the following shot of my wedding dress…

The photographer had me face the ocean and twirl around so that the train of my dress splayed across the sand. I love the way the white layers delicately curl around and I love the slight, feathery curves of the clouds in the sky above which almost seem to match. A coming together, if you will, both literally and figuratively. Aloha!


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