The Gravel Road That Lies Beyond


I’m grateful that our street view is none other than a gravel road found at the end of this weathered wooden fence line.  For the most part, locals are the only ones who use it and occasionally, you’ll see our neighbour on her horse which always brings a smile to my face.  It is a peaceful view which allows nature to speak for itself.  I am happy to call it my home.  I look forward to the snow melt so that the hues of green and gold can highlight themselves again.  Patience and it will come.  Meanwhile, the coming weeks of self-isolation will be a little easier to take in our wide open space.  A space where birds sing, animals visit, a ravine exists, our garden grows and our outdoor cat thrives.

From our ‘street’ to yours, I wish you a very tranquil, relaxing Saturday morning friends.


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