Israel Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole


The view from our favourite vacation spot in West Maui…

For all who know me, you know of my love for all things Hawaiian.  What is there not to love about it, really.  Its shimmering blue waters, the swaying palms, the sea salt air, the warm temperatures, the oceanside lulls and, and, and…  A slice of paradise in the South Pacific which keeps calling out to us.  One day again soon, we will be able to answer.  Meanwhile, every car ride of mine includes IZ’s music which brings me right back to the islands.  Exactly where I want to be.  My personal favourite that usually plays on repeat?  Well, that’s an easy one. Enjoy :-).

Play this song and I guarantee that the sweetness of IZ’s voice will captivate your spirit and soul, along with some breathtaking images of Hawaii.

May you feel lighter & may all things in the world seem just a little bit brighter…  Cheers!




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