Writing Again

Four years ago, I took a chance and entered into the world of blogging.  It’s hard to believe that it has been that long already, as I still vividly remember explaining what a blog was to my brother-in-law at a dinner that he and his wife had hosted for us shortly after I began Jibber Jabber.  Thanks to my husband’s encouragement and the WordPress venue I was easily able to set up a platform in which I could express my thoughts as an amateur writer and forty-something year old woman navigating this thing called, Life.

After reading up on some of the basics of the WordPress (WP) website, I gleaned an opportunity to partake in daily writing challenges wherein site admin posted word prompts to encourage its community of writers to engage and share ideas on common topics. I was thrilled the very first time that I managed to embed the daily prompt link into my post and have like-minded people read and comment on my posts.  I distinctly remember hitting the publish button and feeling a bit nervous about putting myself out there; my husband and I were doing windows that spring day.  Who would want to read my thoughts?  I was just a nobody writer who took up the art again after realizing that I truly enjoy crafting my voice and contemplating the world around me on paper–it’s where I express myself best.  To my great surprise, after coming in from cleaning, I excitedly noted that I had email notifications on my phone from fellow bloggers who had liked and/or commented on my work.  Little old me?!  You mean, virtual strangers were actually interested in reading my work.  Wow!  So cool!!  And, from that day on, I was hooked on sharing my blogposts with others and reading theirs in return as well as hearing from some of my followers.  While gaining approval was never the motivation behind my blog start-up, I cannot deny that it was a warm and welcome feeling to receive positive acknowledgement from readers.  Who doesn’t appreciate a shout-out every now and again, right?  Even as adults.

Last May, I believe, was the last of the daily WordPress prompts.  I was sad when I logged into the site only to find out that there would be no more writing challenges.  While I knew that I could continue to publish pieces on my own, I also knew that I would greatly miss the easy back and forth exchanges between us bloggers.  I wasn’t alone in how I was feeling as other writers expressed similar sentiments.  Some kind members even went on to establish a new forum for daily writing activities for all of us who were feeling suddenly displaced, #ragtagcommunity.  However, something wasn’t quite the same–kind of like one’s first love, maybe?!–and I found that my desire to produce blog entries slowly dropped off, especially as I faced and recovered from a gruelling ankle surgery.  Thus, imagine my astonishment this morning when I went onto the ‘Reader’ portion of WP and saw a post from one of the admin staff saying that the daily prompts would return for the month of April.  Yippee!!!  I immediately felt that same sense of invigoration that I had experienced years prior on that window cleaning day.  Excitedly, I clicked on the link that was provided to uncover the word for the day and it felt just like old times again.  Hmmm… today’s word was none other than the word, joke Uh-oh, is this a trick?  Silently, I hoped that Ben Huberman and the gang weren’t playing an April’s fool trick on us.  Nah, can’t be…

All that I can say is that I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is indeed a new beginning of sorts for our fellowship of bloggers and for perhaps some of our followers as well.  Lord knows that we could all use a familiar distraction, especially amidst the thralls of this all-encompassing pandemic, COVID-19.  Just to be sure, I will be getting up bright and early tomorrow, snow or not, to check for the day two Discover prompt.  Finally something to look forward to (I hope 🙂… thanks WordPress!

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4 thoughts on “Writing Again

  1. I received that email too, and was confused. I never received a post about the prompt. Where is it?? And congrats on your 4 years of blogging! It is so much fun and meeting people from all over….the absolute best!

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    1. I went on Reader & happened to find it under Ben Huberman’s post. I hadn’t received any email. I also can’t seem to get mine to show up on the reader feed. Click on Ben’s name in my post—it’ll take you there:-).


      1. Yes, that is the same email I received, too. I’ll have to check it again tomorrow…. I do like the Ragtag Daily Prompt, though. Different person so a different perspective each day.

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