An Ode To My Ankle

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I know that you are hurting and sad,

I’m trying not to get too mad.

You’ve carried me through the years,

Lately causing me a few extra tears.

I’m sorry for the clear overuse,

I didn’t intend for it to be abuse.

You’re tired, you’re weak and weary,

Your insides are looking a bit eerie.

I have tried to treat you well,

Yet still, you continue to swell.

Don’t worry little fella down there,

I’m going to get you some help, I swear.

Soon, you will have a few stitches,

Please God let there be no glitches.

It’s time to get you repaired,

Of pain, I will hopefully be spared.

Together, we will rest and say a prayer,

Then, we’ll zip around with a brand new flare:-).

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5 thoughts on “An Ode To My Ankle

    1. I am trying! I am trying! I am now checking off the days until my surgery—who’d have thought I’d be excited—a bit nervous, of course, but mostly just really excited to finally get a resolution. It has been years of off and on pain and I am beyond ready to be pain-free:-).

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    1. Yes, I have an experienced podiatrist who has done quite a few tendon repairs, so my name will now be added to his list of successful surgeries:-). I hope that you continue to do well since your heart surgery. I’m sure it’s been a journey as well.

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