Sunset Marks A Page in Our Book

Aside from obvious emergencies, there isn’t much in our world today that causes people to stop and take notice, unless of course it is the modern-day bing or ting of our phones alerting us of new text messages, Facebook notifications, incoming Tweets, work emails, the latest news scandal report (of which there are plenty), etc. But, here in Hawaii, there is one thing not technologically founded that causes people, locals and visitors alike, to pause from their daily activities and simply breathe in the moment. Of course it happens in other places too, it’s just all-the-more notable on these islands.

Anywhere from 6 to 7PM daily, depending on the ‘season’, you will see people from all walks of life including surfers, boaters, beach-goers, homeless people, condo-dwellers, workers, tourists, etc., stare toward the westward sky, many with a camera of sorts in tow, awaiting the chance to capture the sun’s colourful departure. It is indeed a magnificent event to watch as the bright yellow sphere slowly becomes one with the horizon, leaving a warm path that always leads to the eye of the beholder. It is a magical time when the white clouds change to hues of orange and pink, daylight diminishes and the ocean appears to sparkle like diamonds. For a few minutes in our lives, the sun’s disappearing act seems to slow time, leaving one with opportunities to ponder, question, reflect and simply enjoy its sheer power and beauty. As the brightest star in the Earth’s sky, 93 million miles away–a concept unimaginable to most–its position in the centre of our solar system wherein it, alone, is responsible for the heat and sustenance for all life forms seems surreal. When reminded of its vital role, how can one not be fascinated with its ‘rise’ and ‘fall’ each day, particularly in a place where the vast expanse of waters seemingly highlights its appearance.

I speak mostly of sunset simply because that is the view and our experience that we have from our condo, but I happen to know that there are some pretty spectacular sunrises as well. While sunrises seem to set the tone for the day, sunsets offer more of a reflection of things, which may be part of the overall allure for ourselves and others. Each day writes a story and each sunset marks the page, if you will.

Here is one of those spectacular pages in our book…


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