Haleakala Lava Cake


This chocolatey, flourless lava cake at Duke’s Beach House in Maui is simply delectable.  We know….we devoured it!  Served warm with caramelized pineapple and créme anglaise sauce, technique and timing is Critical when it comes to eating it.  Timing maybe, but technique you question?   Yes!!  In order to get all of the ooey-gooey ingredients in every bite (an absolute MUST!), it requires precision maneuvering of your spoon or fork (ALWAYS a fork for me, spoon for my husband).  Don’t worry, though, it’s worth the effort and should you miss acquiring the correct menagerie, you get to try, try, and try again…until it disappears;-).


2 thoughts on “Haleakala Lava Cake

  1. mstacey930

    I was looking at different posts for the Daily Prompt and was ridiculously excited the see Haleakala in your title, since I moved to Maui this year and work close to Duke’s. I’m definitely going to have to try this cake!

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