A Mid-Summer’s Night Dream?


Last night, my husband ventured out into our back pasture and came out with this beauty of a capture.  I love the rich shades of green in the foreground highlighting the feathery Textures of the grasses contrasted by the golden and deep blue clouds in the sky.  The day’s on-again, off-again rain finally relenting in time for this gorgeous sunset to take hold.  As the cool, humid evening air wore on, Foggy conditions rolled in, blanketing this scene in white, wispy waves–a sight also to be seen, though somewhat reminiscent of a typical autumn’s eve.  Being that it is only the second day of August, however, I will steadfast to my Mid-Summer’s Night Dream and leave all notions of fall for a much, MUCH later date.  Cheers:-).



8 thoughts on “A Mid-Summer’s Night Dream?

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