Tethered and True

Are you Tethered to old habits or a usual way of doing things?  I would venture to say that most of us have certain routines that we covet, especially on work/school days.  That predictable sense of doing often provides comfort and likely helps us to keep our infamous ‘to-do’ lists in check.  If we go about our business in the same order, we are less likely to forget things, which at middle-age, seems to be more of a problem than in our younger years.  Speaking for myself at present, I know that if my morning work routine gets changed up (i.e. my husband is at home vs. gone to work) it really seems to throw me off of my game because it’s not what I am used to.  I think it would be fair to say that on average the older we get, the more set in our ways we become (partly out of necessity, as I am learning.).  However, it’s important to remember that changing things up every now and again can keep us on our toes and expose us to new, even better ways that we might not have otherwise considered.

The other day, when I was reading a blogpost on a fellow bloggers’ site, he was talking about his retirement years (20+ now) and how he and his wife wake up each day and say, “What can we do that is interesting today?”.   Irwin, my WordPress friend, attributes their willingness to try new things and keep active to their seven plus decades of happiness.  What a great way to start out each day and certainly food for thought if you find yourself stuck in a rut, as he alludes to in his post.

While routines serve their purpose and we tend to rely on them in our daily lives (i.e. taking medication, catching the train, lunchtime, brushing our teeth, etc.), it is also good to keep things fresh and exciting by trying different ideas.  Sometimes, changing the smallest of things can elicit a new-found, unexpected appreciation for a once mundane habit.  For example, taking a different route to/from work might lead you to discover a more scenic landscape or less traffic lights to have to stop at, thereby making the trip faster.

So today/tonight, I would like to challenge myself and others to follow Irwin’s advice, and ask what it is that WE can do to make each day special/unique/different.  Here is how my challenge has gone over the past two days (I got a bit of a headstart):

Day one, yesterday, I bought supplies and tried painting a beach scene.  Now, that is something very new for me, as I have only ever completed one painting as an adult and it was an easy step-by-step one for our bedroom wall.  While the palm tree that I included on my blue-hued canvas is a little Charlie Brown-like, it surely resembles one (perhaps a meager one, but a coconut palm nonetheless).  Personally, I think the tree trunk turned out the best.


Today, day two, I jogged one minute and walked for three during my morning exercise routine.  While I have taken to jogging before now, I haven’t done so in quite some time.  I must say that it felt good to break free from my boring winter treadmill routine and hit the gravel roads outside at a decent pace!  I automatically felt lighter.  Then again, it could have been the sheer humidity in today’s air that helped melt off an eighth of a pound.

Tomorrow, I am thinking about trying an apple pancake recipe that I’ve wanted to try for a while now, but haven’t had the time to make.  After all, who can go wrong with apples and cinnamon for breakfast, or any given time, for that matter?!

So, what is it that you plan to do to tomorrow to create some added variety in your life?  Or, maybe your daily motto has always been to delve into something different?  Either way, enjoy!  I’ll let you know how the pancakes turn out:-).


6 thoughts on “Tethered and True

  1. great plan Sue I like your art work, great start and jogging is also good. I am blessed that routine or none is okay about to embark on a big adventure soon which will mix everything up .. more closer to the time 🙂

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  2. I realize I keep mentioning my approaching 60th birthday but it is significant in that I do try to do something that is an adventure each day. Taking the time to read a book, read blogs, take photos, go for a walk or ride are my easy ‘go to’ adventures. The time consumed to plan for the adventurous trips are exciting for the discovery of places I may have not considered – just as important as landing in a new or familiar place. Middle age has given me a new perspective to enjoy the little and big adventures I encounter daily.

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