“One Decision Away…”

Some people that we meet in this lifetime simply Radiate all things good.

They are recognizable from afar, delightful in person and missed by those who haven’t had the privilege of meeting them yet.

Their chi/chakras are aligned and the rest of the world knows it.  Their positive energy is unmistakable and everyone and everything brightens in their presence.

They focus on the good, are grateful for each and every day and surround themselves with others who do the same.

There is a lightness about them, both physically and spiritually, that shines through for all to see.

They exude confidence without conceit.

Others admire their self-awareness and wonder how they got there?  Notice I said admire, not envy.  There’s a difference.

They are aware that their life path is a result of their choices, and ONLY theirs.  They do not require approval for their actions.

There is no blame.  Little judgement placed on themselves or others.  No significant guilt or regrets.  They just do the best that they can at any given moment in time.

Kindness, compassion and empathy drive and motivate them.

They are passionate.

Little moments count the most.

Adults, children, pets…heck, even plants alike are attracted to them–they cannot help themselves.  It’s magnetic.  Like the Earth.






11 thoughts on ““One Decision Away…”

      1. roseelaineblog

        Just got back from the doctors, liver scan showed nothing bad, I have got a cyst on my liver but she didn’t seem concerned.

        My liver enzymes are still very high and two of the four blood tests I had taken a month back never came back, she was very apologetic and I am having them again on Monday she says as soon as she gets those back she can refer me either to a bone specialist or a gastroenterologist specialist. My blood pressure was sky high yet again, it happens when I walk through the door to the surgery 😳🤷🏼‍♀️

        So I will have to wait again. Nothing back from pelvic scan yet which is good 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. roseelaineblog

        I do and on this new tablet it reads fine, the doctor wants meow take my own readings then in a month take my monitor in and she will compare it to hers 🤷🏼‍♀️

        Liked by 1 person

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