Hitting the Road Again


Camping is spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically re-awakening for my soul!  It just is.  Plain and simple.  As soon as we hit the road, the longing inside me to be ‘at one with nature’ is immediately soothed.  The fresh, clean air, the familiar chirping sounds, the soft rustling of leaves, our roaring campfires–all of it comes back to me like a favourite, childhood blanket that is most certainly welcome after the long winter’s lull.

There is something significant about the first road trip of the season, as pictured above, when we get to officially declare that we are free from the white, snowy, cold thralls of Mother Nature to engage in her softer, greener side.  Well, kinda….the truth is that there have been many a May Long Weekend here in Canada when I have camped in the snow and cold, but this past weekend was a glorious one full of warm temperatures and sparkling sunlight.  It was truly a beaut!  And, the best part of our camping trip was that it was, once again, shared with loved ones and friends at our family lake lot–the proverbial cherry on top, if you will, as I am silently grateful that we are all here and healthy enough to enjoy another summer together camping and fishing.  While our first outing is freshly behind us, already a memory to be treasured, I eagerly await the next trip soon to be enjoyed.

The images in my rearview mirror are sharper than before and my windshield is more wide open than ever!


6 thoughts on “Hitting the Road Again

  1. I am a road trip kind of gal but I love sound of clean sheets in my air-conditioned hotel room, great food at a local restaurant, and clean towels that I didn’t have to wash. I am not a camper, Sue! Sounds fun–but if there are no chocolates on the pillow–I am roughing it! 😀

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    1. Well, if you camped with us, you would get a chocolate on your pillow:-). My mother-in-law stayed in our trailer last summer and we adorned her pillow with a Hersey’s kiss!

      As far as true camping goes, I will admit that we are a little soft in our old age. Our new fifth wheel is equipped with a fireplace, a flat screen TV and a kitchen island. Not exactly tenters here. Glamping, I believe they call it. Lol.

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