Always and Forever


Imagine that you are tucking your little one in at night.

As you have happily done countless times before.

They look up at you with their sweet, innocent smile, as only they can.

You don’t want to have to go away, but it’s this little thing called work.

It pays the bills, puts a roof over your heads and food in one’s belly.

You pull the covers up really snuggly-like over their wiggly little body.

You kiss them on the forehead and wish them sweet dreams, as always.

Then, it happens so unexpectedly…

Your child asks sincerely, “Daddy, can I have your autograph?”

You are startled.  Astonished!  But, proud.  A Jolt goes through you.

You are just his dad.  ‘He wants my autograph?!’

Trying to grasp the reality of the situation, you pause somewhat awkwardly.

After signing a piece of paper, your child thanks you.

‘Is this really happening?!’  The smile inside your heart matches that of your little one.

A short while later, you get a call.  It’s your son.

“Hi Daddy, I put your autograph under my pillow.”

And, in that moment, you realize the true impact that you have on your child.

You are not just his dad.  You are his hero!  Always and forever.

~Inspired by a True story~

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